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I'm Jente, and I work as a psychologist (formally a Health Care Psychologist on the path to becoming a specialist/clinical psychologist).

In my work as psychologist, I've noticed that (sometimes challenging) verbal therapies become more enjoyable and easier with vivid visual aids. Since I couldn't find what I was looking for, I started drawing them myself. I created a poster with schemas and modes from schema therapy, and later, I developed cards to go along with it. Colleagues and fellow students responded with enthusiasm, asking if they could purchase my drawings to use in their own treatments.

To be able to print these illustrations, I began drawing on my tablet instead of using traditional pen and paper. I'll gradually be adding new illustrations for treatments and other psychological tools. Always with the same goal: to make psychological treatments and diagnostics more comprehensible, engaging, emotional, and easier to grasp!

Interested in a larger quantity or a customized edition? Or do you have other questions? Feel free to email me at Jente!


Kenschetser is the name of my own little business. The name is derived from the word 'kenschetsen' in Dutch. According to the Van Dale dictionary, 'kenschetsen' means: 1) to give a description of someone or something, and 2) to characterize or delineate. The verb 'kenschetsen' is also used to mean illustrate, distinguish, and draw – exactly what I do!

Curious about my drawings? Shop directly or learn more : )


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  • Schema Therapy Material - Set of Cards and Posters
    Schema Therapy Material - Set of Cards and Posters

    Set of Unique and Hand-Drawn Material for Visual Support in Schema Therapy Treatment.

    This set includes schema cards (including core emotional needs) and mode cards in a storage tin, a schema overview, and a mode overview. You…

    € 104,95
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